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Bedrock TPA

Our culture is grounded in values that underscore our commitment to our clients. Whether we’re partnering with a leading institution or a small business, those we serve are always at the center of everything we do.

Join us on a path to better health.

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PPO Plan Options

Our company focuses on giving employees all available options in regard to their healthcare.

Bedrock is finding new ways to integrate health and productivity management tools along the spectrum, bridging benefit models through innovations in health advocacy.

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Straight forward benefit plans

It’s often difficult for employees to understand all of the programs and health-related benefits their employer offers. A straightforward PPO plan that covers everyone's healthcare need is what employers are looking for in today's healthcare climate.

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Take back control of our healthcare costs up to 20%.

In today's unpredictable economy , finding a way to reduce business expenses - like your healthcare costs - is more important than ever. At Bedrock, we have a proven method to reduce your health plan costs by up to 20%. We've helped businesses like yours reduce their healthcare costs and we're ready to do the same for you.

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There's a better way 

Our members advocate work to promote a system that is fair to the employees. We stand with our clients and their employees every step of the way.

Multiple ways to save

Working with your broker, we can create a tailored solution designed around the specific needs of your business, your budget and your health plan. The Bedrock portfolio includes solutions for hospital and facility claims as well as physician claims. Ready to find the Bedrock solution that’s right for your organization? Let’s get started!

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